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The Department of Internal Medicine started in the year 1979 in the then called Eulogio Rodriguez Sr. Memorial Hospital headed by Dr. Bayaca, the Chief of Clinics and concurrent Department Chair. In the year 1988, Dr. Ramoncito S. Habaluyas joined the Department and became the Department Chair. Later on, Dr. Araceli Panelo (Diabetology), Dr. Froilan Obillo (Infectious Diseases), Dr. Reinerio Prieto (Gastroenterology), Dr. Ricardo Zotomayor (Pulmonology), Dr. Maria Ana Makalinaw (Neurology), and Dr, Rufino Chan (Nephrology) also joined the department. With the growth of the consultant staff and the increasing need for specialists due to the growing number of patients, the department applied to the Philippine College of Physicians (PCP) for accreditation to train resident physicians which was granted in 1990 under the chairmanship of Dr. Ramoncito S. Habaluyas with Dr. Rufino Chan as the Training Officer. As of January 2016, the Department has produced 64 graduates and 39 Diplomates and Fellows of the PCP.


In the year 1999, the Department held its first Postgraduate Course titled “Experts’ View on Common Community Diseases.” Since then, the Department has organized its annual postgraduate course in cooperation with the Marikina Valley Medical Society, the local chapter of the Philippine Medical Association and later on also with the Philippine College of Physicians – Marikina Chapter. As part of its commitment in community involvement, the department has also organized several trainings on Basic Life Support and Advanced Cardiac Life Support together with the Health Emergency Management Staff (HEMS). During the years, there has been subsequent growth in the services that the hospital have provided through the department, which included the creation of the Diagnostic Unit for special procedures and the subspecialty clinics in the outpatient department. And with its never-ending pursuit of clinical excellence, it is the future aspiration of the department to offer subspecialty units and fellowship training.

One of the leading departments to be accredited for residency training in ARMMC is the Department of Internal Medicine. Having been shaped by various obstacles, its far-reaching and continuing legacy of scholarship, leadership and service to the Marikeños and the people of nearby municipalities, is achieved through the training it provides to generations of young doctors by means of first-hand patient experience, clinical exposure and evidence-based medical practice.

The Department of Internal Medicine has consistently been granted by the Philippine College of Physicians the accreditation it needs to train doctors since 1990. Carrying out the department’s vision and mission are the competent and dedicated consultant staff members who through their achievements as healthcare providers, researchers and educators inspire the internist residents, serving as mentors, advisers and second parents.

Opportunities for the professional and personal growth are always ensured and provided through sustained leadership and training development programs. Unmistakably, the Department of Internal Medicine has considerably contributed to the improvement and delivery of service of ARMMC.

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To improve the health of individual and communities by providing high quality medical care through excellence in education, training and research.



Medical Care - high quality, comprehensive, cost-effective

  Education and Training – for residents and consultants

  Research -  address problems to improve health care






ARMMC Department of Internal Medicine

A leading PCP-accredited department of Internal medicine highly respected by patients, medical and non-medical communities, providing the proper knowledge, skills and attitude of a professional Internist.

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